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San Francisco Garter Snake. (photo courtesy national park service) A slender snake with a slight neck, large eyes, and larged keeled scales.

san francisco garter snake
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Adults are 15 to 55 inches long, averaging 36 inches. All known populations of this fantastically colored snake occur in scarce coastal and bayside wetlands in san mateo county.

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All of the known populations of this amazingly colored snake exist within san mateo county. An undeveloped parcel of land owned by san francisco international airport is home to a thriving population of an endangered snake species, a recent study.

San Francisco Garter Snake

Flashing a bright teal underside, red and black stripes, and a notable red head, the snake is famous for its beautiful coloration.Gartersnakes, have an average of 7 upper labial scales, but sometimes they have 6, 8, or even 9, and rarely, as you can see above, one of the upper labial scales is split horizontally.It flees into water when threatened, increasing the chance of escape from it’s predators.I’ve been getting a lot of requests for san francisco garters.

National park service / cbs san.No, no garter is venomous (though some research is beginning to show that some snakes which are completely harmless to human.Not dangerous to humans :Pictured are 2 san frans and 2 california red sided, which are legal to own here.

Poisonous is asking if it would make you sick (poison) you if you ate it, and the answer is no to both.Range shown in dark blue :San francisco garter snake (thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia) in the golden gate national recreation area in an undated photo.San francisco garter snake (thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia) in the golden gate national recreation area in an undated photo.

San francisco garter snake a vibrantly colorful supspecies of the common garter , the san francisco garter snake is found in in limited parts of the usa.San francisco gartersnake thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia:Saving the san francisco garter snake.Streaks of blue, red and green run the length of its body like racing stripes, while the.

The habitat of the san francisco garter snake is unfortunately restricted to the highly developed san francisco peninsula, with all known populations of this beautiful snake inhabiting scarce wetlands in san mateo county (miller, 2006).The san francisco garter snake has adapted through diverse ways in order to guarantee survival.The san francisco garter snake has been dubbed “the most beautiful serpent in north america,” and it’s arguably one of the most endangered species, too.The san francisco garter snake is arguably one of the most endangered snakes in north america.

The san francisco garter snake may stray south into extreme northern santa cruz county.The san francisco garter snake, a category of the mutual garter snake, is found in distributed swamp zones on the san francisco peninsula from around the northern border of san mateo county south along the eastern and western centers of the santa cruz mountains, no less than to the upper crystal springs reservoir, and sideways the pacific coast south to año nuevo point, and.The san francisco garter snake, considered “the most beautiful snake in north america,” is an absolute treasure residing within our very own san mateo county.The san francisco garters have red.

They are highly endangered and federally protected.This aberration occurs on both sides of the head of the.You can not get them if you live in the united states, not even hybrids.

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